Author: Kurt Jung

Kurt Jung is a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at Kemp Technologies. He works hands on with many technologies around application delivery and how to position these in today’s market. Kurt also works closely with key alliance partners to further strengthen the synergy. Prior to Kemp, Kurt has spent most of his career working as a consultant helping customers deploy on-premises, cloud and hybrid cloud solutions to support their business.
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Put a Load Balancer in your Home Network?

Many people who work in technology, and even many who don’t, have sophisticated hardware setups at home. They frequently have devices such as network-attached storage (NAS) from Synology and others, media servers like those from Plex, and often some industry-standard server hardware on which to run virtual machines (VMs). Many techies use VMs on home networks like this to learn enterprise-level IT technologies to get skills that translate to their day jobs. Others do it just for fun!

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The Place for Load Balancing Today

Delivering applications to people when they need them is the foundation of the modern digital workplace. Whether they are web, mobile, or legacy business applications, they must be available to use when required.

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Ansible load balancer module for Kemp LoadMaster automation

Kemp invites you to download the Kemp Ansible module to try out in your organization to deliver an always-on application experience. Why? Because nearly every IT team within a firm is doing some level of automation and configuration management, with the latter being further adopted when DevOps plays a part. Ansible is one of the top-rated configuration management tools due to its simplicity and agentless architecture, becoming a must have tool for DevOps.

Progress Kemp LoadMaster: Load Balancing 101

In this blog, we’ll provide a high-level description of what load balancing is and how it works. Then we’ll highlight the restrictions placed on Free LoadMaster to differentiate it from the commercially licensed editions.

Load Balancing Explained: The Proven Way to Make Your Applications Highly Available

Load balancing is a technology that helps organizations maintain high availability and performance for all their applications. This blog provides you with details to help your teams learn more about the features and benefits of load balancing.

How Load Balancing Improves Your Application and API Performance

Learn implementation strategies for load balancers and understand their impact on application and API performance based on real-world use cases.

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