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How to get community-based support for your free LoadMaster

There is an overview page for Free LoadMaster on the LoadMaster support pages. Users of Free LoadMaster also have access to the complete online LoadMaster documentation and moderated community forums.

The LoadMaster customer support team is not officially contactable via any channel to support Free LoadMaster users. However, support team members moderate the community forums and may provide ad-hoc assistance.

Fixes and Updates

Free LoadMaster is a maintained product that uses the same code base as the commercial releases of LoadMaster, and the Free Load Balancer gets the same features, enhancements, and fixes that roll out to all other LoadMaster releases. Updating Free LoadMaster to get the latest release and enhancements can be done with a backup, deploying the latest release, and then restoring your backup to the new install.

As outlined on the Compare page, Free LoadMaster does not include high availability. It must also connect (via the Internet) to the LoadMaster licensing service at least once every 30 days to renew the free license for the next 30-day period. There is no limitation on how many Free LoadMaster license renewals that can occur, or on how many Free LoadMaster installs you can register.

Download Your Free LoadMaster Load Balancer