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Progress is the experienced, trusted provider of products designed with you, our customers, in mind. With Progress, you can build what you need, deploy where and how you want, empower your customers, then manage it all safely and securely. That way, you achieve growth even faster. Because Progress is not only our name, it’s also what we want you to achieve.
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Powering VMware with PowerShell

Many tools and products that support scripting are adding PowerShell support. VMware also did this in their PowerCLI tool that can be used to provision and manage vSphere hosted virtual machines.

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Free Microsoft Learning Resources

Working in the Information Technology sector means continuously updating your skills and adopting to new ways of working.

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Free Application Firewall

Kemp Loadmaster provides industry leading performance as a Load Balancer and as an Application Delivery Controller.

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DevOps – Infrastructure as Code

The rapid adoption of virtualization over the last decade solved many of the problems associated with application and server provisioning.

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DevOps is more than…

Many organizations are adopting DevOps to help streamline their software development processes.

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Azure Application Delivery by the Numbers

Azure Application Delivery by the Numbers from Kemp Load Balancers

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Microsoft Azure Stack for DevOps

One of the goals of a DevOps workflow is to make it easier to quickly develop and deploy updated versions of applications to Development, Test, and Production environments.

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Replacing TMG with Free LoadMaster

Many IT departments deployed Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) as a reverse proxy for business applications like Exchange and SharePoint, and to help provide security for the application servers.

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PowerShell for DevOps Automation

Automating build and deployment processes is a central pillar of DevOps. When multiple builds are being deployed from Dev to Test to Production everyday it’s vital to automate as much as possible.

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Avoiding Silos with Cross Functional Teams

It’s quite common for organisations to be divided up into groups based on their function. For example, there could be groups for developers, server operations, product testing, a sales team, a marketing team, or many other groups, with a senior management layer above them.

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DevOps – where software development and operations collaborate

A fresh and exciting concept is taking hold within software development and operation teams around the world.

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