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Key Load Balancer Features

Although Microsoft Azure provides some load balancing functionality, that is not sufficient for most IT deployments. Kemp LoadMaster is available under several licensing models, from the Azure Marketplace for deployment within Azure solutions. These products including the free 20Mbps throughput configuration are available on Azure Marketplace.

Similar to other versions of the LoadMaster family, the free edition provides full-featured Layer 4 and Layer 7 load balancing tailored and delivered through the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. It can be used for IaaS and PaaS deployments, for DevOps workflows, proof of concept projects, federated authentication in hybrid clouds, business continuity setups, and many other infrastructure projects that benefit from the deployment of a load balancer. The full features list of the free LoadMaster is available here. The articles linked below outline some of the features it provides in more detail.

Download Your Free LoadMaster Load Balancer