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Free Load Balancer

Free LoadMaster

An Advanced Application Delivery Controller

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A Load Balancer for Any Workload

Kemp is offering the Free LoadMaster to help small companies and developers by providing them with a robust and proven load balancing option. As their load balancing needs grow and expand, they will be able to upgrade to a commercial version in the future, since they will already be comfortable with and knowledgeable about the LoadMaster.

The availability of a proven free load balancer from a well-established company will enable many start-ups and QA/Dev teams to focus on the task at hand. They will no longer have to worry about addressing the trade-off between cost, quality and upgradeability associated with some open source and application-embedded load balancing solutions.

The Free LoadMaster is also great for existing Kemp customers who wish to replicate their production environment for UAT purposes. While there are some limiting differences between the Free LoadMaster and commercial versions, this community supported, lower performance model provides all of the same core functionality that is included in our commercial LoadMasters.

Compare Kemp Load Balancers

Feature Free LoadMaster Commercial LoadMaster
Deployment on all supported hypervisors(VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, Xen, Oracle VirtualBox) Yes Yes
Balancer Throughput License (L7) Up to 20Mbps Up to 10Gbps
TLS (SSL) TPS License (2K Keys) Up to 50 Up to 12,000
Layer 4 concurrent connections Limited only by throughput license and available memory Up to 3,000,000
Max Servers / Virtual Clusters 1000/256 1000/1000
TMG Replacement Yes Yes
GSLB Multi-Site Load Balancing Yes Yes
Support Community Up to 24 x 7 available
Layer 4/7 Load Balancing Yes Yes
Web Application Firewall Pack (AFP) Yes Yes – option to include commercial ruleset
Content Switching Yes Yes
Caching, Compression Engine Yes Yes
IPS (SNORT-Rules compatible) Yes Yes
L7 Cookie Persistence (Active/Passive) Yes Yes
Optimized templates for all major application workloads Yes Yes
Active/Hot-standby Redundant Operation No Yes
Edge Security Pack(TMG Replacement)- Pre-Authentication- Single Sign On- Persistent Logging Yes Yes
IPSec Tunnels Yes Yes
Licensing Mechanism Online (Call home every 30 days to refresh) Online and Offline
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Max Servers / Virtual Clusters 1000/256 1000/1000


How you can use Free LoadMaster Load Balancer

    Development and Test Environments

    • The Kemp Free LoadMaster is ideal for use at all stages of service development and testing to minimize risks when services are delivered in a production environment…

    Open Source Load Balancer Users

    • Mitigate some of the complexity and risk inherent in open source Load Balancers Open source load balancers…

    Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS)

    • Free LoadMaster can provide a load balanced ADFS service that incorporates in-house ADFS deployment with ADFS in a cloud service (such as Azure, Amazon Web Services or vCloud Air). In the event of a site outage…

    Application PCI compliance validation

    • For organizations that process credit card details and are required to comply with the Payments Card Industry (PCI) standards, the Free LoadMaster can help…

    Windows Network Load Balancing (WNLB)replacement

    • Using a free load balancer to replace WNLB not only provides the server and application status awareness for smarter load balancing…

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